Deck coats

FHS Sport manufactures a wide range of quality, custom made deck coats and sport apparel for Australia’s leading sports clubs, teams and associations and for a variety of sports;

We design, manufacture and distribute our custom made deck coats directly to satisfy a range of customer requirements and eliminate cost adding distribution networks. Most importantly we manufacture your garments in our own factories in Australia and around the world, which not only ensures faster turn-around times and higher quality but helps us guarantee Asia Pacific’s’ lowest pricing, this ultimately, differentiates us from our tracksuits from our competitions.

Choose from a huge colour range (virtually all colours are available). Sizes from Child XS to 4XL Adult and above. Ladies, youth and women’s sizing and styles are also available. FHS uses only the best quality printing techniques, including; screen printing, embroidery and high-resolution sublimation printing.

All jackets are fitted with heavy duty jacket zippers, and zip pockets in both jackets and pants are optional at no extra cost. Likewise, zippers in legs can be included in tracksuit pants.

FHS employs only the country’s most talented designers – whether you choose to design your own or leave it to us, you won’t be disappointed.

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