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FHS Sport Australia is one of Australia's leading tracksuit, jacket and uniform manufacturers.

We design, manufacture and distribute our garments directly to satisfy a range of customer requirements and eliminate cost adding distribution networks.

FHS are specialists in providing custom made and pre-designed sport clothing solutions including:

Aussie Rules uniforms including Aussie Rules jerseys, Aussie Rules Gear, Aussie Rules Shorts and Aussie rules jumpers.

AFL uniforms including AFL jerseys, AFL Jumpers and AFL.

Rugby Uniforms including Rugby jerseys, Tops and Rugby Gear, Rugby Shorts, Rugby Team jumpers.

Rugby League uniforms including Rugby League jerseys, Tops and all Rugby League Gear including Rugby League Shorts, Rugby League Team jumpers.

League Uniforms including League jerseys, League Tops, League shorts and League Team uniforms, League jumpers.

Netball uniforms including Netball Tops, Netball Skirts, Netball Gear, Netball Bodysuits, Netball Apparel, Netball Shirts and all other netball uniforms.

Basketball Uniforms including Basketball Jerseys, Basketball Tops, Basketball Kits, Basketball Gear, Basketball Bodysuits and all other Basketball Apparel including Basketball Shirts, Warm Up Tops, Shooter Shirts.

Football Uniforms including Football Jerseys, Football Tops, Football Gear, Football Apparel, Football Shirts, Football Shorts, Football Jumpers.

Soccer Uniforms including Soccer Jerseys, Soccer Tops, Soccer Gear, Soccer Apparel, Soccer Shirts, Soccer Shorts and Soccer Jumpers.

Touch Football Uniforms including Touch Football Jerseys, Touch Football Tops, Touch Football Gear, Touch Football Apparel, Touch Football Shirts, Touch Football Shorts and Touch Football Jumpers.

Hockey Uniforms including Hockey Tops, Hockey Skirts, Hockey Gear, Hockey Bodysuits, Hockey Apparel, Hockey Shirts and Hockey Shorts.

Volleyball Uniforms including Volleyball Tops, Volleyball Skirts, Volleyball Gear, Volleyball Bodysuits, Volleyball Apparel, Volleyball Shirts and Volleyball Shorts.

Baseball Uniforms including Baseball Jerseys, Baseball Tops, Baseball Gear, Baseball Apparel, Baseball Shirts, Baseball Jumpers and Pullovers.

Softball Uniforms including Softball Jerseys, Softball Tops, Softball Gear, Softball Apparel, Softball Shirts, Softball Jumpers, Softball Pullovers and all other apparel!

At FHS Sport our team specialises in producing the latest and highest quality sports uniforms through providing the latest and most distinctive designs, the most technically advanced fabrics, up to date patterns, prompt and professional customer service and utilising a superior team uniform order management system ensuring on time delivery.

Please take the time to explore our uniforms site and call if you require any further information. Remember, if you are thinking of sports apparel, think FHS Sport.

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